Type / Brand - see-believe
Type / Brand - see-believe
Description of portable digital tachometer

This Digital Tachometer is a rugged, reliable and accurate instrument to measure rotational and surface speeds. LSI circuits used offer high reliability. Rotational and Surface speeds displayed by seven segment Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) can be read in varied ambient light conditions. This equipment housed in a compact attractive plastic moulded casing comfortably fits into your hand and the serrated finish facilitates good grip. The transmission shaft balanced on two life lubricated ball bearings, is designed to have a minimum loading on the rotor. The memory circuit facilitates measurement of speeds at places not easily accessible to read and helps to retain the data. Storage in memory is indicated by an LED. Another LED is provided to indicate the Low/Nornal condition of the Battery. Auto shut-off circuit is built-in and if the instrument is left unattended with power on, the electronic switch cuts off power after about 35 sec.
See Believe Portable Digital Tachometer (Non Contact Photo Re)

Wide Measurement range from 15 RPM to 75,000 RPM. The last measured value is automatically stored in memory when the 'measure' button is released. Bright Red LED display with leadi...