Type / Brand - MIEPL
Type / Brand - MIEPL
Description of auto control divert valve

1. CSE pneumatic seat valves conbined a piston within a cylinder, ball housing, stem, and connected end parts and are developing to various flowing types such as F type and others like L/L, T/T, L/T, Y, T, L, T/L.... 2. Can be working automatically by air in case of the valves are equipped with CSE's control boxes. 3. A piston valve is a device used to control the motion of fluid in tube according to linear motion of a piston within a cylinder. 4. Standard available SMS, DIN, RJT, INCH standard for Welding ends; Clamp ends; Unions male/female ends... 5. Material. All products connect with fluid are made of S.S. AISI 316/316L (1.4404 /1.4401 1.4571) The other parts in AISI 304 (1.4301) The valve stem is sealed by a special EPDM/Silicone/Viton seat and according international standard for using on food or pharmaceutical
Millennium Instrument Limited Control Box

Control boxes are designed to be installing within actuators which can be assembling with butterfly valves or ball valves, then the valves can be working automatically by air. CSE'...