Type / Brand - Wika
Type / Brand - Wika
Description of control unit

The WIKA inductive contact device is a contact-free device. Basically, it consists of an initiator, located on the nominal value pointer, including its fully potted electronics and mechanical construction with a movable control vane. The control vane is moved by the instrument pointer (nominal value pointer). The initiator is supplied with DC voltage. If the control vane moves into the clearance of the initiator, its internal resistance increases (= activated state / the initiator has high-resistance). The change in the current rating arising from this is the input signal for the switching amplifier of the control device.
Wika Electrical switch contacts

Switch contacts (electrical alarm contacts) make or break an electric control circuit dependent upon the position of the instrument pointer. The switch contacts are adjustable over...

Wika Control relay

Contact protection relays are used in type 821 contact devices. They increase the switching reliability and switching capacity of electromechanical contact devices and lower their ...