Type / Brand - See Believe
See Believe
Type / Brand - See Believe
Description of ph indicators

CPH 100 instruments use a special high input impedance input stage for fast and accurate pH measurement. Special electronics ensure that the input impedance is in excess of 1012 ohms.
Thisensures that there is minimum error due to the extremely high output impedance of the pH sensors. Since pH is a function of Temperature a PT100 RTD type input is provided for temperature measurement. Temperature compensation can be programmed for each 5 Deg segments.
Relay output sare provided for a larm indication as well as control action. Automatic calibration is provided for fast field calibrationOptional features. include RS485 with MODBUS networkcapabilities.Optional 4-20mA output can be programmed between any desired
See Believe Flow Data Logger with GSM Communication

CFL100 series flow meters are extremely versatile flow meters that can be used for a wide variety of applications. These meters offer extreme reliability and low cost for flow me...