Type / Brand - Power Genex
Power Genex
Type / Brand - Power Genex
Description of pneumatic-pneumatic positioner › nppl (linear type) / › nppr (rotary type) / › ppl (linear type) / › ppr (rotary type)

Robust valve control device giving a confidence in reliable performance and outstanding durability under harsh working environments
Samson Samson Positioners and Limit Switches

Samson Controls manufactures Positioners and Limit Switches to provide customers with quality Valve Accessories for pre-built Valve assemblies as well for aftermarket purchases. Po...

Young Tech Co.,Ltd. (YTC) YT-1200R

The Pneumatic Pneumatic Positioner YT-1200 series are used for pneumatic valve actuators by means of pneumatic controller or control systems with an output signal of 3 to 5 psi or ...