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Type / Brand - See Believe
Description of electromagnetic flow meter

FEMAG are micro-controller based full bore type electromagnetic flow transmitter specially used for various industrial applications.
These flow transmitters accurately measures the flow rate of conductive liquids & slurries in closed pipes. Due to simple & rigid design the flow transmitter is an obstruction less & maintenance free instrument in place of conventional mechanical flow measuring device. The use of 'Pulsed DC' technology offers highest ability & better measuring accuracy in the form of electrical signal 4 - 20 mA DC linearly proportional to volumetric flow. The instrument is based on Faraday's law of electro-magentic induction. A magnetic field is generated by the instrument in the flow tube.
The fluid flowing through this magnetic field generates a voltage that is proportional to the flow velocity. Corresponding electrical output is provided with respect to measuring voltage.
ABB Electromagnetic Flow Meter

ABB is an established world force in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for industrial process control, flow measurement, gas and liquid analysis and environmental ap...