Type / Brand - E+h
Type / Brand - E+h
Description of electromechanical level measurement silopilot fmm20

ProductsLevel Electromechanic - Silopilot FMM20 Electromechanical level measurement Silopilot FMM20 Basic model for continuous level measurement in light bulk solids ©Endress+Hauser ©Endress+Hauser Low cost device for level measurement in bins or silos with dusty,
fine-grained or coarse grained bulk solids or in tanks with liquids. Benefits Tried and tested, reliable measurement of light bulk solids, e.g. cereals, plastic granulate, powder Safe measurements in extremely dusty environments Fully electronic digital minimum fail-safe control,
therefore no running down of the sensor weight into the silo outlet and no risk to the conveying systems Quick menu-guided local operation using a 4-line text display Supply voltage 90 to 253VAC (wide-range voltage power unit) as well as 24VDC, depending on version selected
Endress Hauser (E+H) Electromechanical level measurement Silopilot FMM50

Levels may be measured in bins or silos with dusty, fine-grained or coarse-grained bulk solids or in tanks with liquids.

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