Type / Brand - Siemens
Type / Brand - Siemens
Description of mag 5100 w flow sensor

The SITRANS F M MAG 5100 W is an electromagnetic flow sen- sor designed to meet ground water, drinking water, waste water, sewage or sludge applications
Siemens MAG 1100 and MAG 1100 HT Flow sensor

The SITRANS F M MAG 1100 is an electromagnetic flow sensor in a compact wafer design designed for flow applications in the process industry.

Siemens MAG 1100 F Flow sensor

The electromagnetic sensor SITRANS F M MAG 1100 F is de- signed to meet applications in the food and beverage industry

Siemens MAG 3100 P Flow sensor

The SITRANS F M MAG 3100 P is designed to meet the most common specifications within chemical and process industries.

Siemens MASS 2100 DI 1.5 Flow sensor

MASS 2100 DI 1.5 is suitable for low flow measurement applications of a variety of liquids and gases. The sensor offers superior performance in terms of flow accuracy, turn-down ra...