Type / Brand - Siemens
Type / Brand - Siemens
Description of sitrans probe lu

SITRANS Probe LU is a 2-wire loop powered ultrasonic transmitter for level, volume and flow monitoring of liquids in open channels, storage vessels, and simple process vessels. 
Siemens MultiRanger 100/200

MultiRanger is a versatile short to medium-range ultrasonic single and multi-vessel level monitor/controller for virtually any application in a wide range of industries.

Siemens SITRANS LR200

SITRANS LR200 is a 2-wire, 6 GHz pulse radar level transmitter for continuous monitoring of liquids and slurries in process vessels including high temperature, pressure, agitation,...

Siemens Pointek CLS100

Pointek CLS100 is a compact 2-wire inverse frequency shift capacitance switch for level detection in constricted spaces, interfaces, solids, liquids, slurries and foam.

Siemens EchoMax XPS

EchoMax XPS transducers use ultrasonic technology to measure level in a wide range of liquids and solids