Type / Brand - Siemens
Type / Brand - Siemens
Description of sitrans tf280 wirelesshart

SITRANS TF280 for flexible and cost-effective temperature measurements

• Supports the WirelessHART standard (HART V 7.1)
• Very high security level for wireless data transmission • Built-in local user interface (LUI) with 3-button operation
• Optimum representation and readability using graphical dis- play (104 x 80 pixels) with integrated backlight
• Stand-by (deep sleep phase) mode can be turned on and off with push of a button
• Battery power supply
• Battery life time up to 5 years
• Extend battery life time with HART modem interface which can be switch off
• Optimized power consumption through new design, and in- crease in battery life time
• Simple configuration thanks to SIMATIC PDM
• Housing meets IP65 degree of protection
• Supports all Pt100 sensors as per IEC 751/DIN EN 60751
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