Type / Brand - Siemens
Type / Brand - Siemens
Description of sitrans ts300


- Use n food, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

- Modular or clamp-on design 

The temperature sensors of the SITRANS TS300 series are ther- mometers especially designed for measurements with high hy- gienic demands, such as in the food, pharmaceutical and bio- technology industries. The basic versions are:

• Thermometers in modular design with replaceable measuring insert and process connections usual in the industry 

• Clamp-on thermometers for measurement of the pipe surface temperature without interrupting the process

Siemens SITRANS TS100

SITRANS TS100, temperature sensors in cable version, universal use, mineral-insulated version, for unfavourable space conditions, dimensions in mm (inch)

Siemens SITRANS TF fieldbus transmitter

Field devices for heavy industrial use • FOUNDATION fieldbus • PROFIBUS PA The SITRANS TF temperature transmitter works where others can’t cope.

Siemens SITRANS TH200 two-wire system, universal

Ultra flexible - with the universal SITRANS TH200 transmitter • Two-wire devices for 4 to 20 mA • Mounting in the connection head of the temperature sensor • Universal input f...

Siemens SITRANS TH100

The SITRANS TH100 dispenses with electrical isolation and uni- versal sensor connection to provide a low-cost alternative for Pt100 measurements. For the parameterization, the SIPR...