The SITRANS P300 and DS III pressure transmitters (pmc)

The SITRANS P300 and DS III pressure transmitters (pmc)

The SITRANS P300 and DS III pressure transmitters have been fitted with special process connections for the paper industry.
With the two process connection threads 1½" and 1" flush at the front, the SITRANS P300 and DS III transmitters can be used for all processes in the paper industry. SITRANS P300 and SITRANS PDS III series pressure transmit- ters are digital pressure transmitters featuring extensive user- friendliness and high accuracy. The parameterization is per- formed using control keys via HART, PROFIBUS-PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus interface.
Extensive functionality enables the pressure transmitter to be precisely adapted to the plant’s requirements. Operation is very simple in spite of the numerous setting options. Transmitters with type of protection "Intrinsic safety" and "Explo- sion-proof" may be installed within potentially explosive atmo- spheres (zone 1) or in zone 0.
The transmitters are provided with an EC type examination certificate and comply with the corre- sponding harmonized European standards (ATEX). Various versions of the pressure transmitters are available for measuring:
• Gauge pressure
• Level
• Mass level
• Volume level

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