Type / Brand - Fuji Electric
Fuji Electric
Type / Brand - Fuji Electric
Description of programmable controller spf

Achieves high cost performance Flexibly supports machinery and systems

• High processing performance corresponding to high-speed, high functioning

• Variety of extension units flexibly adapting to applications

• Realizing servo system with 4 axes of 200 kHz pulse output

The unit has impressive sequence processing performance for machine control operations, as well as enhanced data process-ing capabilities. Instruction execution time is as fast as 0.3 μs for basic instructions and 0.87 μs for data instructions, enabling the unit to achieve the highest performance of its class. This contributes to improving production capacity.

XGT series is the next-generation solution with a new concept providing advanced engineering environment based on open network, fastest processing speed, compact size and user-frie...


XGT Series contain variety of CPU types for customized solution which Support wide coverage from small/middle-to large size-system control.

LSis (LG) K200S & K300S

Powerful & compact module-type PLC K200S & K300S are module-type PLC that consist of various modules including basic module(CPU, Power, I/O), communication module and speci...

LSis (LG) K120S

Powerful & compact block-type PLC CPU, digital I/O and power part are embedded in block-type PLCs, which is very compact and easy to install in area you want for system configu...