Type / Brand - Wika
Type / Brand - Wika
Description of analogue temperature transmitter

The analogue transmitters of the T19 series feature configurable measuring ranges and are intended to be used with resistance thermometers. Via the simple setting of solder bridges, one of several defined measuring ranges can be selected. These transmitters are therefore particularly suitable for users who need to respond quickly to changing requirements. The temperature transmitters convert temperature-dependent resistance from the resistance thermometers into a 4 ... 20 mA current loop signal. Thus the measured temperature values can be transmitted securely and simply.
Siemens SITRANS TR300 two-wire system, universal, HART

"HART" to beat - the universal SITRANS TR300 transmitter • Two-wire devices for 4 to 20 mA, HART • Device for rail mounting • Universal input for virtually any ty...

ABUSTEK Atx Mini Block

AtxMiniBlock is a cos-effective programmable RTD temperaturetransmitter for head mounting. With a unique microprocessor based technology it features full PC configuration of range ...

Siemens SITRANS TH200 two-wire system, universal

Ultra flexible - with the universal SITRANS TH200 transmitter • Two-wire devices for 4 to 20 mA • Mounting in the connection head of the temperature sensor • Universal input f...

Siemens SITRANS TS100

SITRANS TS100, temperature sensors in cable version, universal use, mineral-insulated version, for unfavourable space conditions, dimensions in mm (inch)