Type / Brand - Samson
Type / Brand - Samson
Description of samson solenoid valves

Samson Solenoid Valves provide an integrated, reliable option for converting binary electric control signals issued by equipment into binary pneumatic control signals for valve operation. Samson Solenoid valves are designed with maximum user flexibility in mind. As a result, they are fully compatible with wall mounting, rotary actuator mounting via NAMUR interface, linear actuator mounting via NAMUR + adapters, and linear actuator mounting via CrNiMo pipe fittings. Samson Solenoid Valves are built to last, with robust enclosures and available corrosion-resistant materials. Compact modular Solenoid Valves are available as well for applications with limited installation space. Modular designs are ideal for greater application compatibility. Popular Samson Solenoid Valves include the 39XX and 37XX series of valves for industrial applications.
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1. Concentric and eccentric styles as well as our tapered disk design are available for horizontal, vertical applications and are working well without leaking while getting a retur...