Type / Brand - MIEPL
Type / Brand - MIEPL
Description of digital temperature gauge

MIEPL make wide range of Digital Pressure & Temperature Gauges.
These instruments are used in all types of industries like : Sugar, Fertilizer, Chemical, Cement, Power Plants, Food Industries, Pharmaceuticals & other Process Industries and OEM's.
Millennium Instrument Limited Temperature Guage

Mercury - In - Steel - Thermometer MIEPL make Mercury - in -Steel Thermometers operate on the basis of expansion of Mercury - in the bulb which in its turn produces a circular def...

Millennium Instrument Limited Loop Powered Tempreature Sensor

MIEPL make offering wide range of Loop Powered Indicator with Temperature Sensors designed for general purpose applications. These are available in 2 wire or 3 wire Configuration...

Wika Digital temperature transmitter with HART® protocol

These temperature transmitters are designed for universal use in the process industry. They offer high accuracy, galvanic isolation and excellent protection against electromagnetic...

Millennium Instrument Limited Scaffer Diaphragm Gauge

MIEPL make Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauges are the criterion of accuracy and leadership in the field of Precise Pressure Measurement with exclusive design and construction which a...