Type / Brand - Pneucon Automation
Pneucon Automation
Type / Brand - Pneucon Automation
Description of globe 3 way valve

Globe 3 Way Control Valves are used to combine two flows or to divert flow into two outlets. They are designed to replace and perform the functions of two single ported control valves acting in opposite directions, in converging or diverging liquid flow service. They can be used to control the circulation of water, oil, sea water or other liquids in heating or cooling applications involving heat exchanger bypass control.

They can also be used in blending systems and on-off selector systems.

Body Designed and Manufactured as per ASME B 16.34
Body Form : Globe Type with Tail Piece to provide Third Port 
Body MOC - Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (Special on request).

On / Off
Actuator Type
Piston (Yoke / Yokeless), Diaphragm
Actuator Action
Direct / Reverse / Double Acting
Direct acting air failure "Closes" Top Port
Direct acting air failure "Opens" Top Port.
Spring Ranges  
1-2kg / cm2, 2-4 kg / cm2, 3-5 kg / cm2
Air Connection 
1/4" NPT
1/2" (15 mm) to 4" (100mm)
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