Type / Brand - GAMA Control Inc.
GAMA Control Inc.
Type / Brand - GAMA Control Inc.
Description of globe 2 way valve (diaphragm operated valve)

Body Designed and Manufactured as per ASME B 16.34.

SEAT LEAKAGE : As per FCI-70-2 Class IV, V and VI.
Metal to Soft Seating Bubble tight (Zero Leakage).

• Simple construction provides ease in maintenance without disturbing insulations and piping connections. 
• Y seal used in cylinder provides good pressure seals with minimum friction.
• Diaphragms used are made of special Nitrile to sustain Air pressure upto 6 kg/cm2. 
• Compact design hence reduced weight and low cost. 
• Long life over 100 thousand cycles. 
• Spring loaded construction allows to move the plug to either top or bottom of it's stroke, if supply pressure failure occurs.

Body MOC - Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (Special on request).

On / Off
Actuator Type
Piston (Yoke / Yokeless), Diaphragm
Actuator Action
Direct / Reverse / Double Acting
Direct acting air failure "Closes"
 Direct acting air failure "Opens"
 Double Acting air failure "stayput"
Spring Ranges
1-2kg / cm2, 2-4 kg / cm2, 3-5 kg / cm2
Air Connection
1/4" NPT
1/2" (15 mm) to 4" (100mm)


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