Type / Brand - See Believe
See Believe
Type / Brand - See Believe
Description of differential input process indicator

CPI 300D instruments are Dual Channel Differential Reading instruments.
CPI 300D measure and display process parameters like level, Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Vibration, Humidity, Wind Speed and more.
These instruments accept a voltage or current input and convert them to the programmed process variable Settings are saved in non-volatile memory and no battery backup is required. The user can program two independent display modes. Typical applications include Level and Volume display in the same instrument These instruments also have the capability to switch on relay(s) based on user settings.
These outputs can be used for process set points and alarms, and for controlling pumps. These instruments are panel mount Optional features includes: RS485 / MODBUS network protocol, Upto 2 relays can be programmed using 4 setpoints and current output of 4-20mA.
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