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Description of flow data logger with gsm communication

CFL100 series flow meters are extremely versatile flow meters that can be used for a wide variety of applications.
These meters offer extreme reliability and low cost for flow measurement and logging. CFL100 series flow Data loggers can be used for water.
These meters can also be used for line sizes from 0.5” to 48”. Microprocessor based instrumentation ensures accurate readings for both rate of flow indication and total flow indication. A number of programmable features including In-line calibration are standard. All the parameters are saved in a non volatile EEPROM memory which doesn't needs any external battery. There is a advanced power fail feature by which even if there is any power failure the Total Flow reading is automatically saved to memory and resumes with the same value after Power On. Advanced models can offer relay outputs for signals exceeding rate of flow or total flow set points. Programmable pulse output models are also available in addition to the industry standard 4-20mA output. CFL100 Flow data logger has an RTC and external EEPROM to save flow rate and total flow and time of events.
A maximum of 10000 records can be saved at time intervals specified by user in program menu. CFL100 has a direct printer interface which can print to a printer through RS232 port. This printing takes place at regular time intervals or user programmed time intervals. Advanced flow data logger can work in GSM Communication mode which transmits data through GSM modem either through SMS, GPRS, Data Call or by all the three programmable by user.
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