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Type / Brand - See Believe
Description of paddle wheel flow indicator

FT 200 series flow meters are extremely versatile flow meters that can be used for a wide variety of applications. These meters offer extreme reliability and low cost for flow measurement.
FT 200 series flow meters can be used for water and water like liquids. These meters can also be used for line sizes from 0.5” to 48”.
Microprocessor based instrumentation ensures accurate readings for both rate of flow indication and total flow indication. A number of programmable features including In-line calibration are standard. Advanced models can offer relay outputs for signals exceeding rate of flow or total flow set points. Industry standard 4-20mA output is optionally available. These instruments are field programmable and doesn't needs any special instruments for calibration.
All variables and program parameters are programmable through key pad provided in the instrument. In addition, these meters have RS485 or RS232 Mode of communication to PC through MODBUS Protocol. All the parameters are saved in a non volatile EEPROM memory which doesn't needs any external battery.
There is a advanced power fail feature by which even if there is any power failure the Total Flow reading is automatically saved to memory and resumes with the same value after Power On FT200 is available in a IP65 enclosure with field mount, panel mount, pipe mount as well as wall mount options.