Type / Brand - Wika
Type / Brand - Wika
Description of precision loop calibrator

The Precision Loop Calibrator CEP1000 provides significantly extended performance when compared to any competitive calibrator. With an accuracy of 0.015 % of reading, with 0.001 mA resolution, the CEP1000 has the highest accuracy in its class. Features such as a “% ERROR” function, which eliminates manual error calculation and allows the display of the actual versus ideal error at any calibration point, put the CEP1000 way beyond similar instruments. The CEP1000 can simulate, power, and measure two-wire transmitters. With automatic Step and Ramp functions, the CEP1000 enables remote calibration of 4 ... 20 mA devices. Intuitive Handling A handful of clearly marked keys provide access to the full functionality of the unit. A pair of cursor keys allows rapid selection of the decade to be modified, while a large knob allows precise and rapid adjustment to any value needed. A single MODE key cycles through and selects the source, simulate, and measure modes.
Wika Accessories for diaphragm seals

Stainless steel 1.4571 (block flange adapter) Heating pipeline (on model 910.23): steel St 35.8 l Stainless steel 316 L (saddle flange)

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Wika Monoflange for pressure measuring instruments

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Input signal mA, V, mV and RTD selected by software; measuring range/Zero point can be adjusted.Two loops of relay alarm output. Capacity 250VAC/3A or 30VDC/5A.4-20mA analogue ou...